Pool Hashrate
Estimated Daily Revenue
(Per TH/s)
Daily Supply(BCH)  2 k
Remaining Supply(BCH) 3,518 k
Total Supply(BCH) 21,000 k
Remaining Supply

Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash, official website: https://www.bitcoincash.org/) is a fork of Bitcoin through hard fork upon the production of the 478559th block of Bitcoin on August 1, 2017. It has a total of 21 million coins. It deletes segregated witness (SegWit) and cancels the 1M limit of block size by supporting maximum 8M block size. It also sticks to on-chain capacity expansion. It uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin.

Payout Threshold 0.1 BCH
Rate 3% PPS
Revenue 205% BTC
Price (USD) $338.91 (bch)
Mining Address bch.vvpool.com:5500
Algorithm sha256
Worker 1
Difficulty 290,306,897,950
Current Height 558591
Block Time 600 seconds
Blocks Found Last Day 0

Concise Tutorial


Mining tool: miners with SHA256 algorithm (Dashcoin miners), such as Antminer S9, ShenMa M3, Avalon A7, etc.
(It is suggested to download the original official worker software.If you use original software, please be sure to carefully read the description by its developer(s) as well as the “help” or “readme” file on the linked web page.)

Set up

Your wallet address.worker name

Detailed Tutorial

bch Pool Hashrate


Give you more choices with a wide variety of high-income coins
Totally anonymous mining, monitored mining, login free and one-click direct access
PPS income model ensures stable yields and mining does not need to take technological risks like orphan blocks
Use multiple DDoS high-protection services to eliminate DDoS server attack
Multi-machine hot standby servers to guarantee high mining pool service stability
All-round data monitoring to monitor miner computing power and mining income in a real time manner

Last 50 Blocks

Height Time Quantity Status
556255 12.50047279 Matured
555123 12.51336905 Matured
555111 12.52344009 Matured
554746 12.53719777 Matured
553465 12.50272578 Matured
553181 12.50005609 Matured
552556 12.52538685 Matured
552443 12.50038900 Matured
549795 12.50026129 Matured
549687 12.50113576 Matured
548522 12.50602141 Matured
547561 12.50084023 Matured
547446 12.50357905 Matured
547444 12.50490887 Matured
547398 12.50033543 Matured
547372 12.50145540 Matured
547351 12.50461544 Matured
547336 12.50186826 Matured
547227 12.50130951 Matured
547196 12.50900779 Matured
547181 12.50234777 Matured
547118 12.50393688 Matured