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(Per MH/s)

Callisto Network(简称:CLO)是一个区块链平台,拥有自己的加密货币(CLO),基于以太坊协议,任何CLO的改进都可以应用于ETC,但它并不是ETC的测试网,也不是ETC的分叉币。Callisto Network由Ethereum Commonwealt团队开发。

Payout Threshold 500 CLO
Rate 3% PPS
Revenue Comming soon
Price (USD) $0.0007 (clo)
Mining Address
Algorithm Ethash
Current Height
Block Time
Blocks Found Last Day

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(It is suggested to download the original official worker software.If you use original software, please be sure to carefully read the description by its developer(s) as well as the “help” or “readme” file on the linked web page.)

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clo Pool Hashrate


Give you more choices with a wide variety of high-income coins
Totally anonymous mining, monitored mining, login free and one-click direct access
PPS income model ensures stable yields and mining does not need to take technological risks like orphan blocks
Use multiple DDoS high-protection services to eliminate DDoS server attack
Multi-machine hot standby servers to guarantee high mining pool service stability
All-round data monitoring to monitor miner computing power and mining income in a real time manner